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Hello, my name is Lindsay K. Johnson, welcome to my website "Johnson Wellness." I have two degrees in the health care field BS Health Management & Exercise Science and BS Nutrition  Sciences. I also have several speciality certifications related to fitness please see (About Us tab) for more info. I am currently a Dietetic Intern with Nutrition Ink (San Francisco Bay Area, CA/Saint Louis, MO). After completing my internship at Barnes Jewish Hospital and Wash U School of Medicine and receiving my Registered Dietitian (RD) credentials, I would like to specialize as a Renal Dietitian working with patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on dialysis and/or receiving a kidney transplant. I also plan to become a Certified Diabetes Educator with such a strong correlation between diabetes and kidney disease. I am not only drawn to kidney transplants but also all abdominal transplant patients and the ICU where I can prescribe medical nutrition therapy according to the trauma and disease.

Other areas of interest include: exercise as medicine, mood disorders and the comorbidity of eating disorders. Almost every patient/client I have worked with over the past 10 years has some type of disordered eating patterns, and if you are "human" there is an emotional component to your eating patterns. For fun I love to share healthy cooking and nutrition education tips with family and my local community through a variety of volunteer videos, events and presentations. The body is truly an amazing machine...learn to fuel it, move it, rest it, love it and you will live a very vibrant life! 

Disclaimer: My website is designed to be a resource of educational tools only, as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Dietetic Intern with Nutrition Ink. I cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe outside of my current scope of practice related to my current degrees and speciality certifications. Once I am a RD, I will be able to provide further patient care related to specific diseases.

Our food system has been altered to create easy, convenient, and extremely addictive (fat, sugar, salt laden packaged foods) which is taking a toll on our health. Everyone has their own unique genetic makeup, chemistry, microbiome (gut flora) and what works for one person may not work for you. However, the common idea of eating the colors of the rainbow and choosing real food first is a great start!

This video has some newer theories related to digestive health. Some of the ideas are not 100% evidence based. This means that there has not been enough scientific research collected, and it is not a concept that is accepted into the clinical main stream medicine. Nutrition is a dynamic field of study that is changing literally every minute. While this can be frustrating and confusing as a consumer, this is the reality of science. It is important to formulate your own opinion based on the research, because otherwise you are left feeling more anxious and confused. 

If you watch the videos, understand they are not talking directly to you. If you feel you can relate to the videos in some manner and want help understanding the best approach to better your health please email me below. I will then schedule a time to talk with you over the phone or via email. I can help coach you toward taking that first step of finding the appropriate team of health care professionals in your area, and maybe I can be a part of your personal wellness journey!

This video is one of my favorite interviews discussing anxiety disorder and its link to eating disorders. The team of professionals in this video do a wonderful job explaining the comorbidity of "mood disorders" and eating disorders and successful evidence based treatment options.

Eating Disorders are 1 in every 4 persons today and range from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Orthorexia, Etc. In our society the pressure to be thin has caused a wide spread awareness of body & size. If a diet is started, the genetic vulnerability is present, coping skills are not developed, and nutrition & fitness education is not taught the result is a disordered eating pattern. I offer free nutrition, fitness & eating disorder awareness educational seminars to high school students and the local community.

At the age of 13 I struggled with Anorexia. I almost lost my life to this terrible disease, but I chose to live. As a young adult I continued to struggle with my health even though I had restored my weight because I had not received all the tools I needed to completely heal. 

I learned that education and professional medical support was key at various phases during my journey. I continue daily customizing the balance between nourishment, pleasure, movement, and self-love. This is what works for me. Let me help coach you to find what works best for you. If you are interested in seeing a therapist or a doctor but are not sure where to find one, the NEDA Helpline is a great resource! All you need to do is call 1-800-931-2237 and a representative will be there to help you find resources. Their NEDA Navigator program has helped many people, it is a great free resource that connects you with a trained volunteers who have experience achieving recovery. Ask questions, seek support/advice, and gather more resources for you recovery. Here is a link to learn more about the program:

Thank you for contacting me (Lindsay) your Nutritionist and Personal Chef. I will get back to you as soon as possible
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