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-Lindsay K. Johnson, RD

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Quotes I just loved the one on one cooking lesson with Lindsay. She prepared a dish made from quinoa pasta, with sauteed mushrooms and the sauce was a pistachio nut olive oil with fresh basil! I am a huge pasta fan and this dish was so comforting, but amazingly healthy! Lindsay tells me to always eat what I like, but sneak in the veggies. She really emphasized getting more vegetables into my lunch and dinners along with lean protein, and healthy fats, to help nourish my metabolism. I was so impressed, I signed up for a few more sessions. I then was able to set a fitness goal. My body transformed, and I feel so much healthier! Quotes
Cooking Lesson

Quotes Lindsay did a grocery store tour with me. I learned so many cool new food options that I tried and loved. With little tweeks here and there in my weekly grocery cart, I was losing weight but still feeling very satisfied. The best part was the more I ate the real stuff, the less I craved the crappy stuff! Quotes
Grocery Store Tour & Meal Plan

Quotes Lindsay was first my personal trainer, but became my hormonal coach. After have kids, and being very thin from constant workouts, my hormones were out of control. I experienced hot flashes, acne, body aches, cold all the time, and constipation. Lindsay taught me about the thyroid and hormones, and suggested I talk to my doctor about hormone testing. Then she helped stop obsessing with my workouts and balance my mood again through yoga. Lindsay is a very bright young woman with a wealth of knowledge! Quotes
Mother and Overexerciser

Quotes I started working with Lindsay as a Personal Trainer. I became good friends with her, walking to the Arch for exercise on Sunday afernoons. We got to know each other well. She had been discovering hormonal imbalances in herself, and commited a year of resarch to the topic. She was dealing with hypothyroidism after years of eating issues, and it also ran in her family. About four months later I began to have symptoms that put me in the hospital fearing I may have heart issues. Lindsay told me that it may be my thyroid; heart palpitations, anxiety, weight gain, cold hands & feet were all symptoms she discussed with me. And even though my thyroid was in the low normal range, I eventually could not even get out of bed in the morning. I decided to trust Lindsay's expertise. I started thyroid medication and began feeling better. Lindsay and I met up for a Sushi date, and she said you want to be sure you are on the best medicaiton for your thyroid, and suggested a natural medication, Armour. Quotes

Quotes Lindsay was a great role model for me. I learned from Lindsay to be happy no matter what size I was. She helped me to plan a fitness goal, but to get there the healhty way. I use to have problems with binge eating and I could not maintain a healthy weight. While working with Lindsay for a year. I learned how to eat all the foods I love, but with balance and added activity. I am now at my natural weight and I feel great! Quotes
Nutrition Coach and Trainer

Quotes Lindsay was my Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Saint Louis, MO. We worked together for four years, and still remain good friends today even though she moved away. I learned exercise technique, self cofidance, and I even fit into size small clothing now! Lindsay was a very creative person, never letting my workouts get boring, and always challenging both my muscles and mind! Quotes
Leslie Reed
Customer and Friend