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Lindsay K. Johnson, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Lover of Life

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Goddess Athena of Wisdom

Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to my page of wisdom, click on the video above for a quick intro from me. 
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  • Raise Your Standards by
  • Get Yourself Sh** Together be a Better Friend by


  • Make a Difference with Your Spiritual Gifts by Pastor David Crank:
  • What Makes Someone Beautiful by

  • The Superhero Inside You by Pastor Nicole Crank:
  • How to Sustain Hope & Stay Persistent by
  • What to Do When Under Attack by Pastor David Crank:
  • The Pains of Progress by


  • How to Attract More Love in Life by
  • How to Deal With Frustrating People by



  • How to Improve Your Relationship by
  • When to Quite on Someone by
  • Creating Boundaries in Relationships by
  • Borderline Personality Disorder in Relationships by Katie Morton, LMFT:
  • Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships by Melanie Evans:
  • The Narcissist Test by Melanie Evans:
  • Narcissists and Manipulation in Relationships by Melanie Evans:
  • Why Narcissists Prey On Intelligent People by Melanie Evans:
  • Self Partnering to Break Free by Melanie Evans:
  • How to Survive & Outsmart a Narcissist by Melanie Evans:

My video response to:

Relationships, Mental Diseases & Self Partnering (Videos by Katie & Melanie)



  • How to Have More Confidence by
  • Design Your Destiny by
  • Go to the Next Level by Pastor David Crank:
  • Add More Value to You by
  • Quit the Wrong Thing Now by



  • What Type of Life is Yours? by
  • Bring The Joy by
  • Let Your Light Shine by Pastor David Crank:


  • Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy by Pastor Nicole Crank:
  • Keep Dreaming by Pastor David Crank:
  • Enemies to Our Personal Growth by
  • Trying to be Perfect is Bad For You by Katie Morton, LMFT:

My video response to: 

Why trying to be perfect is bad for you (You Tube video by Katie Morton)

Mind, Body & Food

  • Your Nutritional Personality by Emily Rosen:
  • Emotional Metabolism by Emily Rosen:
  • Why Can't I Lose Weight by Mark David:
  • Food a Powerful Teacher by Emily Rosen:
  • The Psychology of Fear of Weight Gain by Mark David:

My video response to:
The Psychology of Fear of Weight Gain (You Tube video by Mark David)

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